Broken J 420 Organic Cannabis: 310 Broken J Ln, Newport, Washington 99156, United States


Broken J 420

Artisanal Crafters of Sustainable, Organic Cannabis Products




The highest quality organic cannabis flower and concentrates, carefully crafted using only organic means, methods and materials to produce 100% clean, natural products free from pesticides and solvents. 

Every product is backed by our premium quality guarantee. We know you'll enjoy our select strains of bold, smooth, and tasty flower glistening with terpene-rich trichomes. Since every batch of every strain undergoes multiple rounds of quality control analysis after being hand trimmed, cured to perfection, safety and potency tested, analyzed for terpene profiles and then induction sealed in eco-friendly 100% recycled and recyclable containers for your enjoyment. 

Always fresh and bursting with flavor, our premium quality cannabis products are always 100% natural, GMO free, with zero additives.



As you may already know, the Cannabis Industry has created many challenges for Washington's recycling and eco systems, BUT WE CAN CHANGE THAT!

Just last year, a feature story in the  Washington Post  estimated that a whopping 1 MILLION MYLAR BAGS PER DAY are disposed of in our state, along with as many plastic 'doob tubes'. Consumers are accidentally clogging the recycling system with these containers, believing they can be recycled, but sadly they cannot be.

Broken J 420 has answered the call for change and is committed to serving our community and the environment by packaging every single product in 100% recyclable packaging materials! 



The motto of Broken J 420 is 'Carefully Crafting Washington's Kindest Kind' because our business is built upon permaculture, responsible cultivation and zero waste principles. We're keeping it 'evergreen' for generations to come. 

We will never pollute the groundwater with pesticides, opting instead to use predatory pests and live soil growing methods. We will not fill our landfills with harvest waste, opting instead to compost or compound all harvest material into concentrates for our customers or nutrients for reuse.

Broken J 420's products are now and always will be GMO Free, and are produced in an energy-efficient indoor + light depravation greenhouse facility, both of which utilize modified fresh air ventilation to reduce our carbon footprint.