Broken J 420 Organic Cannabis: 310 Broken J Ln, Newport, Washington 99156, United States


Broken J 420

Artisanal Crafters of Sustainable, Organic Cannabis Products


Washington's Organic + Sustainable Tier III Licensed Producer and Processor of Artisanal Craft Cannabis & Concentrates.

About Us

Laugh out loud enjoy the bold flavor of our organic cannabis and love like there's no tomorrow.

Sustainability Matters

We, as Washingtonians, know that sustainability matters to our customers as it matters to us. Grab a recyclable jar of 100% natural, responsibly cultivated craft cannabis by Broken J 420, and find your happy place knowing that our commitment to avoiding the use of pesticides and chemicals means we will not  allow disease resistance to build up in plants, weeds, plant-eating-insects, fungi, and bacteria. Broken J's permaculture techniques focus on feeding the soil, rather than spraying pesticides and chemicals onto plants, which can persist for decades contaminating soil, water and air supplies.


Our Secret Ingredient: Living Soils

We're Washington's organic and sustainable artisanal cannabis company. Broken J 420 focuses not only on organic cultivation, but on using traditional peasant farming & permaculture techniques. Just as organically grown food provides the body with greater nutrition, growing our cannabis organically and in living soils produces higher nutrients, phytonutrients and phytocannabinoids. That's the secret to producing our shimmering, trichome smothered BOLD, SMOOTH, and TASTY cannabis products, bursting with decadent all-natural terpenes. 


Packaging: Always 100% Recyclable

Our recyclable glass containers ensure we're not adding to the landfill and recycling concerns that have become tantamount in the times of Washington's booming recreational cannabis industry. Mylar bags and plastic doob tubes clog recycling systems, because customers believe they're recyclable but sadly they aren't. Every recyclable jar is induction sealed with a recyclable foam and foil liner, then capped with a recyclable lid and labelled with recycled, recyclable kraft paper labels without laminate. Enjoy guilt-free, sustainably grown, organic flower bursting with terpenes today, then recycle your container. ;)